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Last few hours in Infosys

Hooo!!! Is it getting over? Really!!! I don’t have any such felling that I am leaving Infosys. What could be the reason?

Last day in Infosys

Last day in Infosys

Reminiscence of Infosys Training

Not even a month after completion of graduation got a call from Infosys to join their family on Jun 23rd 2008.Departed to Mysore for training (which is best in the whole world).

WOW!!! What a world it was. Never felt that, I was away from home, all I had to do there was learn things. I won’t say ‘studying’ because I didn’t felt like that. People from various culture interacted, it was a nice experience.

Some studied, cried and even died for it (Training –perception) but I had some other priority which I could not reveal here. I purposefully flunked in two exams that I never did or tried before.

The spirit that ‘I am an Infoscian’ slowly got into me after ILI classes. The brand Image MR.Narayana Murthy has created. How did he become synonym of Infosys? Everything is fascinating and exhilarating experience. Though I flunked in Star Infoscian certification due to lack of marks in English were others failed in Knowledge Test.

Everything got over in 2 and half months of time. The training was over and got my BLACK TAG (says you are from production, not a trainee anymore, gets few respects and concession) for which people are struggling hard.

Few promises made, and time limits are set (don’t ask what it is) left Mysore with heavy heart and loads of good friends.

Production Bliss

Many of my collogues don’t agree with this heading, Yes it’s not a bliss. I slowly realized, what IT service industry is up to? How and for what company policies are created. How employees are? Many want a manager Job or a government job. So why they are here? Money what else? Very few with a passion for software. So it is like a software industry with 70% non-computer science people and 30% computer science people.

So if you are a computer science or Information technology student, you have to compete with ECE, EEE, Mech, civil and even arts college students. The worst part is they could be your manager too.

Last minute thoughts

Wherever I go, it’s like I am an Infoscian with an identity referring to MR.NRN or else INFOSYS (Indians 2nd largest software exporter). Is it a pride ? Maybe? But police increase the fine amount and people claim more money from us as if we are earning just like that(by sitting in front of computers).

Where is my Identity” MR.Saravana Kumar” ? When people I worked with call me SK I feel like, how I am going to create a brand Image for that acronym. It’s hard to break the rapport with Infosys the facilities it offered and knowledge I gained.

I broke that rapport now with determination, hell a lot of efforts and great sacrifice. So If you don’t leave Infosys, you don’t leave Infosys 🙂 🙂 not Infosys, Indian software industry is most apt because lot more things are better in Infosys than other companies.

Now I feel the Freedom!!! Have the freedom to do whatever I want and choose whatever I want to do. Nothing could overwhelm this feeling.

So that’s the reason.


Unusual experience

Date: Monday, August 1, 2011 at 4:26pm

Today when I was on my way to office at 9 PM I gave a guy lift, which I won’t usually do at that place. He asked where I am going and I asked him the same. He told some place and he told me he’s Searching for job. I asked him what he studied.

He told 10th standard. I asked why you didn’t study further.

NO MONEY.I need a Job, he said that again. He continued …

Me and mom stays in Navaluur along with two sisters, one is 11 years old and another 13 year old. My mom works as a maid. We are from Thirvarur near Erode. My dad died in accident he used to drink that he boozed a lot and drove and things happened.

His mother is now infected from typhoid fever. She’s admitted in government hospital near central. She’s been there for a month. Today she has to be discharged from hospital for that he needs 100rs at least. Does a government hospital demand that? NO (when i was thinking that) he had an answer for it .he has to catch two bus and then from bus stop to his house its 2 kilometer which would demand an auto.

Before picking him I was with my friend in KFC, brought chickens for 500 bugs of those nearly 60 rs is VAT tax (14.5% of the amount).

When I was thinking about the chicken and the bill for it I asked him about his father. His father is cab driver. I asked an insane question “Do you know to drive?” He said I am 17 and today only it turned 17 for him. “It’s his birthday” Could I wish him Happy Birthday. How could I?

Few days I thought of gifting my ex-girlfriend? (It’s not even ex, currently i don’t have One though Its complicated).

He knows a person in Chennai, belongs to his native place, he used to help him with some money whenever he needs. He paid him back by working in some construction site and sticking posters. So for his loyalty he told him to come for help whenever there is a need for him.

Today to pick his mother from hospital he need some money (200 rs).He doesn’t have a shirt to wear all were not washed for past 3days.So somebody near his house gave him used shirts it seems and somebody gave fifty rupees with that he got food for his sisters then he started to meet the person who used to help him with the remaining money.

The person who used helps him asked him not to come back and doesn’t gave him any money. He said that he was in his own troubles so he couldn’t help him .Does he supports him? He thinks I shouldn’t think bad about that him? These questions where on my mind.

Soon the place where I have to reach came, which is far beyond his place. He said I will get down and catch a lorry and go. I don’t want to let him here but he asked again to stop. I said I will move little further and drop.

He asked me, “Whether I know any job for him” I don’t have an answer for it .I asked him whether he has mobile. He said I sold it and spent that for this month since his mother is hospitalized.

I stopped. I asked his name. He said and asked mine, I told. I took my purse, He asked for my mobile number; so that he could call ask for some job. I asked him what kind of job he could do. He said an office boy. He promised he will do it right. I gave him my number. No pen and paper so he memorized .I told him three to four times he found it difficult to remember. I repeated and said it in Tamil. He repeated my number couple of times.

I took my purse and gave him some money and asked him to get his mother back to home. He refused to accept that, he said I will work and earn tomorrow forced him to have the money, then I remembered he said that he and his sisters don’t have food to eat today. I gave him some more money and asked him to get foods for his sisters.

Still felt bad I called him back and gave another 100rs and he refused, I said its ok keep it and try to study further and asked him to send his sisters to school.

All these time I was wearing a helmet, he wouldn’t have seen my face. I saw his face with bright smile he is definitely 17 and not big enough to hold all this.

What worries and burden I had at my 17th NOTHING, isn’t it?

I went to office with heavy heart and little happiness that I helped him in some way.

Lime Tea

Lime tea with saravana

Lime tea with saravana

Small video on college life

Yeah ..!Finally after 2 months planning and little effort on windows movie maker ,I gave life to some of the photos taken during my college life.Choose two songs and few pictures with effects and animation, a video is ready .

A bad sound editing .But the pictures are placed perfectly with good effects and transitions.

“Love and Trust .Which drives friendship .”

Language of Giving

“Love is the language of giving”

Read a beautiful story about Love and ego.It differentiates love and ego periodically with two characters in the story.Nice touching story .

The Tree

There was an ancient and majestic  tree,with branches spreading up towards the sky .When it used to flower ,butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes would come and Dance around it.When it bore fruit ,birds from faraway lands would come to it .

The  Boy

A small boy used to come and play under it everyday ,and the big ancient tree fell in love with the small boy.

“The big ,the elderly can fell in love with the small,the young.if the big does not carry the idea that it is big .”


So the tree developed a love for this small boy .It branches where high ,but it bent them and bowed them down so that he might pluck its flowers and fruits. The playful child comes, and the tree bows its branches.when the child plucked some flowers and the tree bows its branches. When the child plucked some flowers the tree would feel immensely pleased,its entire being would fill with the joy of love.

The boy grew .Sometimes on the tree’s lap,sometimes he ate its fruit, and sometimes he wore a crown of the trees flowers and acted like a jungle king.The boy grew even more .He begun to climb the tree to swing on its branches.The tree felt very happy when the body rested on its branches.

With the passage of time the burden of other duties came to the boy. Ambitions came in;he had exams to pass;he had friends to win;so he didn’t come regularly  But the tree waited anxiously for him to come.It called for its soul ,Come Come .I am waiting for you ”


One day ,while he was passing by ,the tree called out him,”Listen!”Its voice called in the air,”Listen ! I am waiting for you,but you do not come .I am waiting for you every day.”

The boy said ,”What do you have that I should come yo you? My search is for money.” The ego is always motivated :”What have you got to offer that I should come to you?.Love is motiveless ,without purpose.Love is its own reward.

The startled tree said ,”Will you only come if I give you something ? I can give you all.” But I don’t have money.The boy said ,”Then why should I come to you?I will have to go where there is money .I need Money.” Ego needs power. The tree thought and said,”Do one thing. Pick all my fruits and sell them.You may get money that way .”

The boy climbed up and picked all the fruits of the tree ,even the unripe ones were shaken down.The branches broke down ,the leaves fell off in the violent action.The tree felt very happy ,overjoyed.Even getting broken makes love happy,but ego in not happy even its getting.The boy didn’t even look back to thank the tree.


The boy did not return for a long time.The tree was sad.It yearned for the boy’s return- “like a mother whose breasts are filled with the milk but whose son is lost.”

After many years ,now as an adult ,the boy came to the tree.The tree said,”Come to me.come embrace me.”

The man replied ,”stop all this useless talk ! I want to build a house.Are you able to give me a house?”

The tree exclaimed: “We don’t live in houses.But you can do one thing ,you can cut and take my branches -then you may be able to build a house.”

Without wasting time ,the man brought an axe and cut all the branches from the tree.Now the tree was just a bare trunk,naked.But the tree is happy .

A long time passed and the man had now become old .Once he was passing by and he came and stood by the tree.The tree asked,”What else can I do for you ? You have to come after a very very long time.”

The old man said ,”What can you do for me?I want to travel to distant lands to earn money,I need a boat .”

Happily the tree said ,”Cut my trunk and make a boat for it .I would be very happy to become your boat and help you go to faraway lands to earn money.I will always be awaiting your return.”

Now the tree is a small stump.And it waits for its loved one to return.


The tree waits and waits and waits.But now it has nothing more left to offer.Perhaps the man will never return to it.

Once a old man was resting near the stump one night .It whispered to him.

“That friend of mine has not come back yet.I am very worried in case he might have drowned,or in case he might be lost.He might not even be alive by now.How I wish for news of him! As I near the end of my life,I would be satisfied with some news of him at least.Then I could die happily.But he would not come even if I could call him. I have nothing left to give and he only understand the language of talking.”

“The ego only understand the language of talking;love is the language of giving.”

[ The one who can be touched is considered to be small.The one who cannot be touched,Who is on the throne power in the capital ,is considered as big.The ego always tries to be in love with the bigger .Ego always tries to relate to those bigger than itself.

Love is an awaiting .Love has only sadness : When it cannot share; love is sad when it cannot give .Love is happy when it can share.When it can give totally,love is the happiest. ]