Unusual experience

Date: Monday, August 1, 2011 at 4:26pm

Today when I was on my way to office at 9 PM I gave a guy lift, which I won’t usually do at that place. He asked where I am going and I asked him the same. He told some place and he told me he’s Searching for job. I asked him what he studied.

He told 10th standard. I asked why you didn’t study further.

NO MONEY.I need a Job, he said that again. He continued …

Me and mom stays in Navaluur along with two sisters, one is 11 years old and another 13 year old. My mom works as a maid. We are from Thirvarur near Erode. My dad died in accident he used to drink that he boozed a lot and drove and things happened.

His mother is now infected from typhoid fever. She’s admitted in government hospital near central. She’s been there for a month. Today she has to be discharged from hospital for that he needs 100rs at least. Does a government hospital demand that? NO (when i was thinking that) he had an answer for it .he has to catch two bus and then from bus stop to his house its 2 kilometer which would demand an auto.

Before picking him I was with my friend in KFC, brought chickens for 500 bugs of those nearly 60 rs is VAT tax (14.5% of the amount).

When I was thinking about the chicken and the bill for it I asked him about his father. His father is cab driver. I asked an insane question “Do you know to drive?” He said I am 17 and today only it turned 17 for him. “It’s his birthday” Could I wish him Happy Birthday. How could I?

Few days I thought of gifting my ex-girlfriend? (It’s not even ex, currently i don’t have One though Its complicated).

He knows a person in Chennai, belongs to his native place, he used to help him with some money whenever he needs. He paid him back by working in some construction site and sticking posters. So for his loyalty he told him to come for help whenever there is a need for him.

Today to pick his mother from hospital he need some money (200 rs).He doesn’t have a shirt to wear all were not washed for past 3days.So somebody near his house gave him used shirts it seems and somebody gave fifty rupees with that he got food for his sisters then he started to meet the person who used to help him with the remaining money.

The person who used helps him asked him not to come back and doesn’t gave him any money. He said that he was in his own troubles so he couldn’t help him .Does he supports him? He thinks I shouldn’t think bad about that him? These questions where on my mind.

Soon the place where I have to reach came, which is far beyond his place. He said I will get down and catch a lorry and go. I don’t want to let him here but he asked again to stop. I said I will move little further and drop.

He asked me, “Whether I know any job for him” I don’t have an answer for it .I asked him whether he has mobile. He said I sold it and spent that for this month since his mother is hospitalized.

I stopped. I asked his name. He said and asked mine, I told. I took my purse, He asked for my mobile number; so that he could call ask for some job. I asked him what kind of job he could do. He said an office boy. He promised he will do it right. I gave him my number. No pen and paper so he memorized .I told him three to four times he found it difficult to remember. I repeated and said it in Tamil. He repeated my number couple of times.

I took my purse and gave him some money and asked him to get his mother back to home. He refused to accept that, he said I will work and earn tomorrow forced him to have the money, then I remembered he said that he and his sisters don’t have food to eat today. I gave him some more money and asked him to get foods for his sisters.

Still felt bad I called him back and gave another 100rs and he refused, I said its ok keep it and try to study further and asked him to send his sisters to school.

All these time I was wearing a helmet, he wouldn’t have seen my face. I saw his face with bright smile he is definitely 17 and not big enough to hold all this.

What worries and burden I had at my 17th NOTHING, isn’t it?

I went to office with heavy heart and little happiness that I helped him in some way.


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