Last few hours in Infosys

Hooo!!! Is it getting over? Really!!! I don’t have any such felling that I am leaving Infosys. What could be the reason?

Last day in Infosys

Last day in Infosys

Reminiscence of Infosys Training

Not even a month after completion of graduation got a call from Infosys to join their family on Jun 23rd 2008.Departed to Mysore for training (which is best in the whole world).

WOW!!! What a world it was. Never felt that, I was away from home, all I had to do there was learn things. I won’t say ‘studying’ because I didn’t felt like that. People from various culture interacted, it was a nice experience.

Some studied, cried and even died for it (Training –perception) but I had some other priority which I could not reveal here. I purposefully flunked in two exams that I never did or tried before.

The spirit that ‘I am an Infoscian’ slowly got into me after ILI classes. The brand Image MR.Narayana Murthy has created. How did he become synonym of Infosys? Everything is fascinating and exhilarating experience. Though I flunked in Star Infoscian certification due to lack of marks in English were others failed in Knowledge Test.

Everything got over in 2 and half months of time. The training was over and got my BLACK TAG (says you are from production, not a trainee anymore, gets few respects and concession) for which people are struggling hard.

Few promises made, and time limits are set (don’t ask what it is) left Mysore with heavy heart and loads of good friends.

Production Bliss

Many of my collogues don’t agree with this heading, Yes it’s not a bliss. I slowly realized, what IT service industry is up to? How and for what company policies are created. How employees are? Many want a manager Job or a government job. So why they are here? Money what else? Very few with a passion for software. So it is like a software industry with 70% non-computer science people and 30% computer science people.

So if you are a computer science or Information technology student, you have to compete with ECE, EEE, Mech, civil and even arts college students. The worst part is they could be your manager too.

Last minute thoughts

Wherever I go, it’s like I am an Infoscian with an identity referring to MR.NRN or else INFOSYS (Indians 2nd largest software exporter). Is it a pride ? Maybe? But police increase the fine amount and people claim more money from us as if we are earning just like that(by sitting in front of computers).

Where is my Identity” MR.Saravana Kumar” ? When people I worked with call me SK I feel like, how I am going to create a brand Image for that acronym. It’s hard to break the rapport with Infosys the facilities it offered and knowledge I gained.

I broke that rapport now with determination, hell a lot of efforts and great sacrifice. So If you don’t leave Infosys, you don’t leave Infosys 🙂 🙂 not Infosys, Indian software industry is most apt because lot more things are better in Infosys than other companies.

Now I feel the Freedom!!! Have the freedom to do whatever I want and choose whatever I want to do. Nothing could overwhelm this feeling.

So that’s the reason.


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