Language of Giving

“Love is the language of giving”

Read a beautiful story about Love and ego.It differentiates love and ego periodically with two characters in the story.Nice touching story .

The Tree

There was an ancient and majestic  tree,with branches spreading up towards the sky .When it used to flower ,butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes would come and Dance around it.When it bore fruit ,birds from faraway lands would come to it .

The  Boy

A small boy used to come and play under it everyday ,and the big ancient tree fell in love with the small boy.

“The big ,the elderly can fell in love with the small,the young.if the big does not carry the idea that it is big .”


So the tree developed a love for this small boy .It branches where high ,but it bent them and bowed them down so that he might pluck its flowers and fruits. The playful child comes, and the tree bows its branches.when the child plucked some flowers and the tree bows its branches. When the child plucked some flowers the tree would feel immensely pleased,its entire being would fill with the joy of love.

The boy grew .Sometimes on the tree’s lap,sometimes he ate its fruit, and sometimes he wore a crown of the trees flowers and acted like a jungle king.The boy grew even more .He begun to climb the tree to swing on its branches.The tree felt very happy when the body rested on its branches.

With the passage of time the burden of other duties came to the boy. Ambitions came in;he had exams to pass;he had friends to win;so he didn’t come regularly  But the tree waited anxiously for him to come.It called for its soul ,Come Come .I am waiting for you ”


One day ,while he was passing by ,the tree called out him,”Listen!”Its voice called in the air,”Listen ! I am waiting for you,but you do not come .I am waiting for you every day.”

The boy said ,”What do you have that I should come yo you? My search is for money.” The ego is always motivated :”What have you got to offer that I should come to you?.Love is motiveless ,without purpose.Love is its own reward.

The startled tree said ,”Will you only come if I give you something ? I can give you all.” But I don’t have money.The boy said ,”Then why should I come to you?I will have to go where there is money .I need Money.” Ego needs power. The tree thought and said,”Do one thing. Pick all my fruits and sell them.You may get money that way .”

The boy climbed up and picked all the fruits of the tree ,even the unripe ones were shaken down.The branches broke down ,the leaves fell off in the violent action.The tree felt very happy ,overjoyed.Even getting broken makes love happy,but ego in not happy even its getting.The boy didn’t even look back to thank the tree.


The boy did not return for a long time.The tree was sad.It yearned for the boy’s return- “like a mother whose breasts are filled with the milk but whose son is lost.”

After many years ,now as an adult ,the boy came to the tree.The tree said,”Come to me.come embrace me.”

The man replied ,”stop all this useless talk ! I want to build a house.Are you able to give me a house?”

The tree exclaimed: “We don’t live in houses.But you can do one thing ,you can cut and take my branches -then you may be able to build a house.”

Without wasting time ,the man brought an axe and cut all the branches from the tree.Now the tree was just a bare trunk,naked.But the tree is happy .

A long time passed and the man had now become old .Once he was passing by and he came and stood by the tree.The tree asked,”What else can I do for you ? You have to come after a very very long time.”

The old man said ,”What can you do for me?I want to travel to distant lands to earn money,I need a boat .”

Happily the tree said ,”Cut my trunk and make a boat for it .I would be very happy to become your boat and help you go to faraway lands to earn money.I will always be awaiting your return.”

Now the tree is a small stump.And it waits for its loved one to return.


The tree waits and waits and waits.But now it has nothing more left to offer.Perhaps the man will never return to it.

Once a old man was resting near the stump one night .It whispered to him.

“That friend of mine has not come back yet.I am very worried in case he might have drowned,or in case he might be lost.He might not even be alive by now.How I wish for news of him! As I near the end of my life,I would be satisfied with some news of him at least.Then I could die happily.But he would not come even if I could call him. I have nothing left to give and he only understand the language of talking.”

“The ego only understand the language of talking;love is the language of giving.”

[ The one who can be touched is considered to be small.The one who cannot be touched,Who is on the throne power in the capital ,is considered as big.The ego always tries to be in love with the bigger .Ego always tries to relate to those bigger than itself.

Love is an awaiting .Love has only sadness : When it cannot share; love is sad when it cannot give .Love is happy when it can share.When it can give totally,love is the happiest. ]


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